The Supernatural Super-Premium Frozen Ghost Vodka

Frozen Ghost Vodka is the Supernatural Super-Premium beverage that will give you the chills. The story that inspired it is known as “The Legend of the Frozen Ghost”, which tells about a farmer, known as Tobias, who lived happily with his family, until a jealous neighbor ended their happiness abruptly.

The farmer’s family had bigger crops than everybody in the colony and after a while people understood that the source of their abundance was a special spring, which gave the purest water. One neighbor decided to steal that water by diverting it to his own property. So “one bitterly cold winter night” he sneaked on Tobias’s property to complete his evil plan, but was confronted by the farmer himself. The story tells that “Tobias’s body was later discovered in the ice that froze the pond deep on that frigid winter night”.

Tobias’s “frozen ghost” began to hunt the neighbor that had murdered him. The ghost followed the man everywhere he went, making him confess the crime and finally lose his mind.

The water from this special and pure spring is now a primary ingredient in the Supernatural Super-Premium Frozen Ghost Vodka. This water gives the beverage a unique smooth and crisp taste, even before distillation (it is distilled six times for unparalleled purity).

The bottle too is very special, depicting the ghost of Tobias, the prosperous farmer. Designed by Levenson & Hill, a marketing agency in Dallas, the bottle was cast in Poland by Dekorglass. The manufacturer of the bottles is Bruni Glass from Italy.

Don’t miss the spooky video commercial for the Supernatural Super-Premium Frozen Ghost Vodka.

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