The Stunning Atmos Hermès Table Clock Masterpiece

Born out of the collaboration of three brands that value perfection, the Atmos Hermès table clock is a masterpiece in every respect. Its flawless design is based on excellent craftsmanship skills and compliments the exquisiteness of the mechanism inside. For it to come to life in such a beautiful form, Hermès joined hands with iconic watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre and the skillful artisans at Les Cristalleries de St. Louis.

Limited to only 176units, the clock merges fragility with sturdiness and transparency with opacity through a unique mix of materials: difficult to shape metal and delicate crystal. But what probably strikes the most about the timepiece is the fact that it literally lives on air. No winding, no batteries, and no electric power are needed for it to perpetually tick.

At the base of the concept lies the famous and ever fascinating Atmos clock mechanism which has been amazing people since 1928. The “heart” of the clock is a perfectly sealed capsule filled with a special mix of gases that are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Their volume modifies easily with even the slightest change in degrees Celsius. These volume modifications affect the clock’s mainspring, resulting in a constant source of power for the intricate mechanism. Even the slightest change in temperature matters. One single degree results in 48 hours of power.

Each of the three brands involved brought their best resources to the table, and the result was simply astonishing. The sphere is a wonderful materialization of a so difficult to grasp concept – that of time. Connoisseurs will be thrilled to have one of these magnificent creations in their homes. The Atmos Hermès clockswill make exquisite centerpieces, no doubt about it! As for their prices, we can only expect them to be highly prohibitive.

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