The Smallest Hand Engraving in the World by Graham Short

Can you imagine a head of a gold pin being engraved with the entire Lord’s Prayer (278 letters)? Pretty impressive, huh? Well, believe it or not, that’s actually nothing compared to Graham Short’s latest creation. The Lord’s Prayer on a pin head was also his deed, and now he took one step forward in his determination of doing the impossible.

The 64-year old professional engraver managed to etch the words “Nothing Is Impossible” on the edge of a razor blade. The letters on the Wilkinson Sword razor measure only a tenth of a millimeter and can be read with the help of a medical microscope that can offer a 400x magnification.

Graham Short needed his body to be completely still during the whole operation, and this pushed him to the limit. He could only work at night, with his right arm strapped to the chair to reduce unwanted movement, and he even monitored his heartbeats in order to work only between them!

All this effort explains the steep price of the engraved razor blade which is currently for sale at £47,500 (some $77,000).

The Smallest Hand Engraving in the World by Graham Short

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