The Secrets Of A $1.5 Million Presidential Limousine

Everyone knows that a presidential limousine needs to represent a pinnacle of safety and performance, but do you know exactly what can be found within these citadels on wheels? Well since the US government is currently looking to replace the current Cadillac-looking presidential limousines, we thought we’d give you a small insight regarding the main features of the current model.

Dubbed the “Beast”,  this tough yet elegant limousine was first introduced in 2009 as a major improvement over its previous model, since it actually represents a proper tank disguised as a Cadillac as opposed to a stock model with a bit of armor. Even though it looks like an ordinary Caddy, the presidential limo is actually built on a General Motors chassis, while its body flaunts high-grade armor that is eight inches thick. Furthermore, the fuel tank is also armored and leak proof, while the military grade tires were lined with Kevlar, which pretty much eliminates the prospect of a flat tire. Other details include an encrypted satellite phone system for utmost privacy and a fully sealed cabin with its own oxygen reserve. The boot is filled with state-of-the-art medical equipment that involves a stash of the President’s blood type, and there are also quite a few weapons in there as well.

Now since the limousine weighs no less than 15,000 pounds, it needed to be powered by a proper engine, which is where the roaring V8 comes in. This incredible engine is powered by gasoline and is able to propel the car to impressive speeds in no time. Boasting a price tag of $1.5 million each, there are 12 such limousines operated by the secret service. We can only guess what the next generation will bring.