The Recently Refurbished Cocoon Suites in Hotel Andronikos

The famous Mykonos island in Greece is home to a lovely hotel, recently redesigned by KLab Architects. Called Hotel Andronikos, this 1990 building has had 13 rooms completely refurbished by the Athenian studio, “following the principles of purity, simplicity, fluidity and surprise”. They are now known as the Cocoon Suites.

Irregular walls that are slanted inwards give a unique ambiance to the rooms, and so do the furniture items that seem to be growing and taking shape directly from the walls. The architects were challenged to complete very high-class interiors using a limited budget, and they really tackled this task successfully.

Unconventional but very attractive combinations of pebbles, plaster board, glass, bamboo canes, plaster, cement and mirror have been used in unexpected ways and places. This emphasizes the uniqueness of the resort and helps guests relax and fully enjoy their vacation. As a final touch, the designers added different light sources around the room, which work together to create a lovely ambiance.

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