The Outstanding Lamborghini Aventador LP 700

We are now back with fresh and official information on the amazing Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 . Murcielago’s replacer is doing the latter justice, as it is both incredibly good looking and extremely potent. We will all soon have the pleasure of gazing at this beauty at the Geneva Motor Show this month, but thanks to Lamborghini’s official press release we can already picture it alive in our minds.

The Italian automaker describes its latest creation as ‘a new reference among super sports cars’, and we have to say that, based on the rides specs, we believe this might just be true. After all, when outstanding lightweight engineering meets incredible power and exceptional handling precision, the result can only be mind-blowing!

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is packed with innovative technologies and it’s based on a carbon fiber monocoque that ensures both resistance and lightweight. Weighing only 3,472 pounds, the super ride flaunts a power-to-weight ratio of only 4.96 lb per hp. Speaking of power, the new 12-cylinder, 6.5-liter engine is capable of putting out 700 horsepower and 508 lb-ft of torque.

When all this power is sent to the four wheels of the Aventador (the number ‘4’ in the car’s name stands for permanent all-wheel-drive), the result is simply stunning: a 0 to 62 mph time of only 2.9 seconds (very close to Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s 2.5 seconds time), and a maximum speed of 217 mph. What’s even more interesting is that despite all this impressive figures, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are actually 20% lower than those of the Murcielago.

About the ride’s transmission, you’ll be pleased to learn that the engineers at Lamborghini chose to introduce an innovative Independent Shifting Rods (ISR) transmission that offers a remarkably fast shifting time of only 50 milliseconds. This, combined with absolute handling precision results in an unrivalled driving experience.

Of course, all the features above are very much linked to the unique design that the Aventador boasts. Inspired from aeronautics, it is not only incredibly good looking, but also very aerodynamic, ensuring minimal drag and increased downforce. Between the stunning exterior and exclusive high-tech interior there is only one barrier: two doors that open upward.

Once inside, you’ll never want to leave the car. A spacious interior allures you with premium materials and irreproachable Italian craftsmanship. Advanced technology and eye-catching equipment are a natural part of this vehicle. Take for instance the next-gen dashboard with the TFT-LCD screens.

As a conclusion, we would like to present to you how Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, describes this beauty: “The Lamborghini Aventador is a jump of two generations in terms of design and technology, it’s the result of an entirely new project, but at the same time it’s a direct and consistent continuation of Lamborghini’s brand values”. We can’t wait to see it in the flesh at Geneva!

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