The One-Off Yamaha VMax by Hermès

The One-Off Yamaha VMax by Hermes

When two genius minds join forces and talents, only amazing outcomes can result. The one-off Yamaha VMax by Hermès is an example of such a collaboration.

This is not the first time the two giants have worked together on a big project, but this time they outdid themselves. Hermès is a renowned French high-fashion house specialized in leather among other things, and their contribution to the project is obvious: the fine, brown buffalo skin that covers almost everything, including the tailpipe and the headlamp.

Yamaha came with the rest of the “package”, the world famous Yamaha VMax. The stylish VMax by Hermès was presented at a German motorcycle exposition and it was a huge success among bike lovers.

The One-Off Yamaha VMax by HermesThe One-Off Yamaha VMax by Hermes