The Must-Own Items for Your Summer Parties

Summer season is a time for relaxation and vacation leaves due to the very nice and favorable weather and on this season, partying is one of the most relaxed activities anyone could do, especially if there are not a lot of responsibilities to take care of on these days.

Parties come in a lot of forms. There could be parties being hosted by your friends, family and relatives. Weddings also are considered to be in this category. Remember the month of June is known to be the best month for weddings due to its favorable weather.

Having said so, there are a lot of things you must have, to be always prepared for any parties; thus, to avoid rushing.

Special Occasion Dresses

Attending different kinds of parties, you may need to always have quality special occasion dresses in your closet. Quality dresses in the sense that you can always reuse them anytime. You may need to at least have one of each kind of dresses –

  1. Evening gowns – You may need some evening gowns, may it be short or long and if you are someone who tends to easily become stout then, always have plus size evening gowns on your wardrobe.
  2. Homecoming dresses – Your friends may host reunions during this time and you may need homecoming dresses. This kind of dresses usually come in knee length and as it is a warm season, then the style would be more recommended.
  3. Wedding Guest Dresses – As it is a season for weddings, you might have received a lot of wedding invitations too. Thus, you need to have such kind of dresses. You can reuse evening gowns and homecoming dresses as wedding guest dresses for so long they go well with the wedding theme.
  4. Cocktail dresses – This kind of dresses are like homecoming dresses that usually come in knee length, though there are also longer versions. You can always these in any formal events.


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There are a lot of accessories you may need too, accessories that would complement your dress from head to toes.

  1. Headpiece – Headpieces, such as fascinator, hats, headbands and flowers are among the headpieces you may prepare to match your dress whilst making you more confident, walking around.
  2. Jewelry – This will include a pair of earrings, necklace and bracelets. If your dress has some prints, jewelries with small pendants are recommended. Meanwhile, if you wanted to emphasize the beauty of your jewelries, then you can wear something that’s bigger. Hence, the simpler the jewelry is, the more beautiful it is.
  3. Bags – This is a must whatever party you are going to as this would contain your make up kits for retouch or any personal belongings that you may need to carry along with you. Clutches are the best ones for parties. The color of the bag is normally dependent on the color of the shoes or if not, it should always match either the shoes or the dress itself.
  4. Shoes – There are a lot of styles to choose from, from flats to stilettos. Depending on the event, you need to make sure that the shoes you are going to wear will be comfortable. For instance, if it is a reunion or something where you need to be active, then it is advisable that you wear something flat to avoid tripping. You can wear wedges, instead of high heeled ones too if you would like to look tall. Meanwhile for a wedding, if you are used to wearing a stiletto then you can wear such as it always goes well with any dress style meanwhile with this, the color would be important. The color of the shoes should go well with the dress especially if the dress is above the ankles.
  5. Undergarments – For someone who is mindful about how she looks like or about her body shape, shapewear is an option. This can definitely make a slimming effect. In addition, a petticoat can also be worn under the skirt if you feel that the skirt is see through or if you’d like to have the skirt a bit puffy.

Conclusion: Going on vacation is fun, it should be stress free as it is meant for relaxation hence you may need to always have the above on your wardrobe in case of deciding to attend your friends’, families’ and relative’s parties. Attending parties is also fun as it is a time for bonding and get-togethers especially for those you haven’t seen for long. Meanwhile, if you think you are missing something, always make sure to prepare them ahead of time to avoid rushing.

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