The Most Luxurious Casinos in the UK

Visiting the UK doesn’t have to be about sightseeing and taking pictures with the Big Ben, especially if you’re a casino fan. Indeed, the UK includes some of the most lavish and beautiful casinos in the world, especially if we’re talking about those located in the country’s major cities.

However, unless you are already an expert gambler, it wouldn’t be wise to start betting a lot of money on these casinos. So practising online first would be recommended; polishing your skills and learning new betting strategies before you visit some of these places is the right decision to make. You could play for free in this online casino, which has a lot of games to get you started and test out some plays, and it also has a great customer support in case you encounter some issue.

The Empire Casino is undoubtedly worthy of a visit, especially since it is located right in the heart of London’s tourist center. The establishment impresses with 55,000 square feet of gaming space, and since it is one of the world’s most renowned casinos, it is open around the clock. Just a quick look at its online reviews shows that most people enjoyed its amazing atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff members, not to mention the amazing views of Leicester Square, which can be admired from the cocktail bar’s terrace.

The Empire Casino

The Empire Casino

However, if your travels take you to Manchester, then a visit to the Manchester235 casino should be included on your to-do list. This place is located on Watson Street, and apart from providing classic gambling opportunities, it also offers other forms of entertainment such as music shows, restaurants and electronic games. Poker enthusiasts will definitely appreciate the Manchester235 Poker Lounge, which is open seven days a week and 24 hours during the weekend.


In Bristol, the Genting Casino in Redcliffe boasts no less than 20 gaming machines and 10 live table games, including poker. The gaming space is as modern as they come, but it sits behind a traditional red brick façade that helps create a unique atmosphere. As an alternative, you could always visit Mecca Bingo, which offers 43 gaming machines. As its name suggests, this casino is famed for its amazing bingo games, which it hosts regularly. The Rainbow Casino in Harbourside also deserves a mention, as it includes 60 gaming machines and 21 table games. This place also features a pair of licensed bars and a restaurant.

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