The Most Expensive Soccer Player, Wayne Rooney, in Dubai

When reading the title of “most expensive soccer player” several names are bound to pup up in your mind. Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham or maybe Ronaldinho. But we’ve got news for you: most famous does not necessarily mean most expensive.

Wayne Rooney plays for Manchester United and he became the most expensive soccer player after a series of intense negotiations which almost determined him to leave the team. But he stopped and turned back at the sound of £8 million per year. That is about $12,622,600!

He was, of course, excited by the turn of events and decided to celebrate this properly. So he took his wife (and left the child at home) and went to Dubai. The hotel? Why Burj Al Arab, obviously! Now some people bad mouth the Rooney family saying that the two went there without their child because they had some family issues to settle. We say: so what? Good for them! At least they try to fix what’s wrong.

The Most Expensive Soccer Player Wayne Rooney in Dubai

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