The Most Expensive Sandwich In The World Costs $214

When someone hears about a $214 sandwich, he or she immediately wonders how it must taste like and what extraordinary ingredients it might include. In this particular case, the sandwich is as delicious as it is beautiful, and it was created by New York’s renowned Serendipity 3 eatery. This magnificent grilled cheese delight is dipped in gold and was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of records as the World’s Most Expensive Sandwich.

Most Expensive Sandwich In The World

The treat includes French Pullman bread made with Dom Perignon champagne, as well as white truffle spread and Caciocavallo Podolico cheese. After the grilling process, the sandwich receives gold leaf around its edges and is presented alongside a Baccarat crystal glass that contains lobster and tomato bisque. The snack needs to be ordered 48 hours in advance, which makes sense considering the outstanding ingredients that it requires. When asked about this particular project, Chef Joe Calderoni stated the following: “We came up with grilled cheese because that’s the ultimate in comfort food. What better way to celebrate that sandwich than with the quintessential version of that sandwich?”

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