The Most Expensive Kitten: Hello Kitty Anniversary Doll

This little glamorous doll was created by Swarovski and Japanese jeweler I. K. The two partnered with Hello Kitty’s producer, Sanrio, and designed the four-inch gem-studded doll for Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary in 2009.

The luxury doll features 1,939 white topazes and 403 pink sapphires for its head and body. The eyes are represented by two black spinels, and a delicate citrine is her nose. Her signature bow is decorated with a 1.027-carat diamond. All these precious stones are studded on solid platinum, which leads to a record price for the anniversary doll: $167.000 (or 15 million yen).

This dazzling jewel really makes us wonder what Sanrio will create next for Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary!

The Most Expensive Kitten

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