The Latest Trends in Ceiling Paint Colors

The first thing anybody notices when they walk into a home for the first time is the room’s color while being escorted around on their tour. From the flooring to the carpets, moldings to wall paint or wallpaper, and from the trim to the ceiling paint, the color of the rooms is the most important feature in every home. All three must come together to create a comfortable, warm, and inviting environment for you to relax, entertain, or even work in. Trends continue to come and go, and it’s essential to keep your spaces looking modern and not let the rooms’ moods become too stale by ignoring fresh coats of paint for decades at a time! Ceiling paint trends are changing just as rapidly as the wall colors are. There was a time when simple white was all used – in every room! No more!

The “New Norm” – Reverse Tradition!

Increasingly more common is the theory that pure white makes a room feel much more significant and brighter than it is. For rooms with few windows, it’s exceptionally acceptable to paint the walls the most brilliant pure white money can buy, especially if the floors are a rich wood tone or have a lot of gray tones. When you paint the walls white, the ceiling can get lost, and everything seems too bright and as if it’s all one singular piece. The “new norm” is an exciting concept of painting the ceiling a complementary color to the white walls. For the past two decades, it has been common to see pastel colors on the walls and a white ceiling to complement, but flipping the script is an excellent way to show the world you’re not afraid of change and welcome creative design. The ceiling should remain pastel in color and compliment the other accents of the room but feel free to paint it anything from smokey gray, stoney blue, or light citrus-hued yellows!

Be Bold!

For rooms with more windows that allow for plenty of natural light, consider painting the entirety of the room a darker shade in color – especially if the room is large with vaulted ceilings. Imagine a dark, rustic green around a windowed room, even the ceiling matches. Then, a singular wall is to be pure white. The pure white wall becomes the accent wall and makes the room feel warm and inviting when clashing with the darker, warmer color – whatever you select. No pastels here! Be sure to choose a deep blue, green, brown, or red. What you expect to see as an accent wall in the 1990s should be on your ceiling AND 3 walls when you’re done with this new, tasteful trend! The bolder, the better!

49 Shades of Gray

Especially for millennials purchasing more homes, renovating family rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms into a white-gray mansion is increasingly more common. Floors are frequently replaced with vinyl and wood of various shades of gray, while walls and ceilings are lathered with the brightest white paint they can find. In many of these homes, even the furniture is replaced with white or accent gray. The ceiling needs to be as clean as the walls for this to be aesthetically pleasing. Perfectly smooth with no smears or textures!

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