The Largest Stars and Stripes Ever Created: $50,000

Just how large is the world’s largest American flag? Measuring 150 feet by 300 feet, the humongous flag is just about the size of a football field. It weighs no less than 1,100 pounds and requires approximately 150 people to hold it while on display before important football matches.

Behind this huge creation is Amy Barnett from an event production company which specializes in giant flags and other large props . The name of the company is 50 Star Productions and their creations are truly spectacular.

The immense Stars and Stripes took approximately a month to create and costs a whopping $50,000. It can be rented for $6,200 by any team that wants to proudly display it on the field before an important match. The impact is huge, just like the flag itself!

The Largest Stars and Stripes Ever Created

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