The Intricate Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 3

This remarkable timepiece will be officially presented at the Baselworld 2012 show in March, but its makers decided to offer us a preview of their spectacular creation. Called the Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 3, the watch is made of 18-carat white satin-brushed and polished gold, and satin-brushed Zalium (a special alloy of aluminum and zirconium).

The intricate luxury timepiece features three tourbillions that work together in perfect harmony. There is a bi-axial tourbillion with an inner carriage spinning every 40 seconds, and an outer carriage spinning every 120 seconds. The third tourbillion is separate and it rotates once every 36 seconds. The case is carefully designed to display the mesmerizing movements of these tiny mechanisms, and it features non-reflective sapphire crystals for protection from the elements.

The case measures 65 mm by 45.9 mm and is water resistant to 30 meters. Time is displayed on two separate disks: one for the hours and one for the minutes. The seconds are shown on a scale around the double (bi-axial) tourbillon. Power reserve is of 50 hours, and the owner can check its status on the dial, where blue sapphires and yellow citrines indicate whether or not the watch needs to be wound. When the yellow gems appear, it’s time to coil that spring.

Only 20 examples of this luxurious watch will be made, each one with a black alligator leather strap (hand sewn), and a double pin buckle made of 18-carat white gold.

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