The Important Things You Need to Know About Planning Permission

Some building works projects require planning permission from the local authorities and failure to get permission can lead to breaking the law. If you have building work such as house construction, house repair or renovation, house extension, or conversion, then you need to know whether you need planning permission or not. The best professional to take you through this is a qualified architect.

The main reason you need the permission is to maintain the set building standards and regulations, especially the structural standards that safeguard the safety of the occupants.

So, what do you need to know about planning permission before the commencement of a structure? This article will help you by highlighting the most crucial things.

When Do You Need Planning Permission?

A good question! When do you need planning permission? This depends on your state, but typically, all construction projects with a great impact on the environment and adjacent structures will need planning permission.

It is easier when you find out when you need planning permission from the local authorities or by consulting a professional architect. If you are in the UK, Humphreysandsons is the ideal architectural company to help you get planning permission on top of designing incredible project designs and supervising your work.

How Do You Obtain Planning Permission?

The process involves making an application as set by the authorities and submitting detailed drawings.

And this is where your architect comes in to help you go through the hurdle. First, they will need to prepare your project’s drawings to the standards, and second, let them make the application for you. Of course, you will pay for the services, but it is worth it because the experts know how to go about it.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Professional?

When doing planning permission applications, working with a professional architect is paramount. The benefits are many, but we can only list the popular ones.

·  No hassle for you – Why would you go through the length and overwhelming process of planning permission application when there is someone who can do it for you? Just let the professionals work for you to lessen the burden on the project.

·  Do the right thing from the beginning – Working with an expert when seeking planning permission ensures that you do the right thing from the beginning. They know what is needed and how to make the right application to avoid refusal.

·  Appeal for a planning permission refusal – There are many reasons for refusal, and it can happen to you even after using an expert. An expert is in a better position to make a successful appeal than doing it by yourself. They take charge of such processes and ensure that you get the planning permission eventually.


Seeking planning permission is not as easy as many people think. It is a process that requires thorough consideration and appropriate application. As it is, the easiest route to take is using a professional architect or consultant to work with you throughout the process and make sure there is success. So, get one now and your project will run smoothly.