The Highest Luxury Hotel

If you love luxury destinations and equally refined accommodations, then the Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will definitely catch your attention. The tower itself will be the second tallest building in China, and the third tallest in the world. But the J-Hotel inside it will be the highest one ever. It will hold the floors 84 to 110 with a beautiful lobby on the 101st floor.
This means that even the hotel of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is the tallest building in the world, will be left behind by the new sky scraper in China. The explanation is simple: while the J-Hotel will be set high in the tower, Burj Khalifa’s hotel is set on the building’s lower floors.
If everything goes right and the 632-meters Shanghai Tower will open in 2014 as scheduled, the structure will enjoy the title of the ‘tallest building in China’ and ‘second tallest in the world’ for about a year, when the 648-meter Pingam International Finance Center will be completed (sometime in 2015).
Marshall Strabala of Gensler is the man behind this bold project. He and his team designed the tower as a structure made of nine cylindrical buildings set one atop another. To this they added an exterior triangular façade which is slowly rotated.

Between the two facades there are nine indoor public zones for visitors, with cafes, restaurants and even gardens.
With 258 luxury guest rooms and state of the art amenities, the Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will surely attract numerous luxury-lovers around the world. We can’t wait to see some pictures of its interior!The Highest Luxury Hotel 3

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