The High-End Museum Aesthetics Influence 2020 Interior Design

High-end real estate trends are constantly changing, from elegant minimalism to over the top use color and patterned wallpaper designs. Looking ahead to 2020, though, one of the most home styling influences is likely to be the museum world. Relying heavily on subtle tones, sculptural furniture, and sparse but compelling conversation pieces.

Minimalism Holds Strong

Among the many design trends that could dominate, minimalism has held pride of place in the interior design world for several years now and the trend has become virtually synonymous with luxury. It’s also absolutely integral to the museum-inspired home. By centering the home’s design on minimalism, every item takes on a special importance and creates an airy, elevated atmosphere, no matter the size of the room.

Soft But Sculptural

Forget everything you know about typical furniture silhouettes. Next year’s luxury homes will star sculptural furniture pieces, the sort that are art in their own right. Most sculptural furniture borrows from postmodern aesthetics, but midcentury modern influences are also obvious – think of a next generation take on the Eames chair, or pieces that wouldn’t be out of place in a Philippe Starck exhibit.

Because minimalism will remain an overarching theme for designers, sculptural furniture will largely be sequestered to accent pieces like small chairs and side tables; couches will stick to a simpler style. The goal is to keep the focus on the details, not let the big furniture steal the scene.

Fossil Features

Art will play an important role in the museum-inspired home, but it’s important that designers and homeowners not take a narrow view of the term. Rather than traditional framed pieces, expect to see fossils filling in for paintings or in place of sculpture. Skilled designers can help homeowners source attractive specimens from the Green River collection, an area known for the variety and quality of the fossils found there.

Others go the independent route with their fossil acquisitions – there are a lot of private fossil collectors who “dig” into the field, so to speak, in their spare time. Fancying themselves amateur paleontologists, they seek out exciting specimens for their home or business. It’s harder to design around your own discovery, though, which is why working with a fossil dealer is generally preferable.

Aging – Gracefully

While museums like the Guggenheim tend toward the stark and modern, others like the Metropolitan Museum of Art let their age speak to the value of their work. Shifted into the home interior space, patina accents can subtly age a space, which will nicely complement any fossil displays or antique art. Patina accents, whether on vintage furniture or art, also add a depth to otherwise minimalist spaces.

Many luxury homeowners are already collectors of one sort or another, so turning their homes into personal museums isn’t much of a stretch. It’s simply a means of cultivating already valued and valuable goods and setting them up to be appreciated fully. By situating collectibles, whether they be art, fossils, or something else entirely within an elegant minimalist setting, they have a chance to really shine.

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