The Hardley Is A Superb Harley-Davidson by Revival Cycles

Located in Austin, Texas, the Revival Cycles firm consists of a team of highly skilled and passionate individuals that are well known for their takes on Moto Guzzi bikes and other 2-wheelers. One of their most spectacular projects was based on a remarkable Harley Sportster 883 motorcycle, which ended up being stripped down and rebuilt completely using customized parts for the body as well as for the engine.

The result is a masterpiece to say the least, a beautiful and powerful motorcycle that demands respect and admiration. The engine received a new piston kit as well an increase in capacity to 1250cc. Furthermore, the addition of the custom mapped fuel injection and ECU, large valves and new ports allowed the engine to dish out a total of 73 lb-ft of torque and 100 horsepower, which is nothing to sneeze at, that’s for sure.

The exterior modifications include a stunning custom three-piece fuel tank as well as 19-inch wheels, Maxxis tires and a brand new suspension. The bike is about 100 pounds lighter than it was before its transformation, which means that it is quicker and more maneuverable. A job well done indeed.




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