The Gorgeous North Island Lodge in the Seychelles

For a wonderful experience in the Seychelles, choose the magnificent North Island Lodge. Only 15 minutes away from the Seychelles International Airport by helicopter, the resort is located on the beautiful North Island. It offers amazing views, with a rocky mountain protecting its rights side, and another one, covered with palm trees, being situated to its left.

There are 11 beautifully handcrafted villas at North Island Lodge, set along the main beach and overlooking the splendid ocean. They are set above ground level to take in as much of the surrounding beauty as possible, including the gentle breezes of the Indian Ocean. Miles of impeccable beaches are there for every guest to explore, while every villa has a private garden for a more intimate connection with nature.

Activities here include sunset cruises towards the Silhouette Island, deep sea fishing trips, and island exploration on golf carts or mountain bikes. One of the biggest attractions of the resort is a 160 year old tortoise, called Brutus. This perfect tropical paradise awaits its guests with rates that start at €1,835 ($2,260) per night.

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