The Gorgeous Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa in Martinique

The award-winning Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa is a dreamy luxury destination in Martinique. Only 30 minutes away by car from the Aimé Césarie International Martinique Airport, the resort offers memorable experiences for families and in love couples alike. In 2006 it was designated the Most Excellent Romantic Hideaway, and one year later it received the Most Excellent Resort Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific Islands title.

Overlooking a beautiful lagoon, the resort offers breathtaking views and a long list of very exciting activities. These include catamaran cruising, kite surfing, scuba diving and more. In this lovely Parisian-style paradise guests have numerous possibilities of relaxing and enjoying a worries-free life. They can spend some time at the Cohi Bar and taste some vintage rum drinks, visit the cigar cellar and try various sorts of cigars, or discover the Creole cuisine at La Campeche.

Then there is the outstanding spa with bamboo walls and marble floors. This is a place where stress and problems simply disappear as one enjoys the Jacuzzi, the shock-therapy in the ice water pool, the rejuvenating algae baths, or the hammam. The following pictures will give you a short preview of the resort’s unique charm.

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