The Golden Mattress by Stephanie Montaperto

Sleeping on gold can be infinitely more comfortable than you would expect. With the new Gold Mattress, created by Stephanie Montaperto, your sleep will be lighter than ever, and that’s not only because the mattress is lined and embroidered with 22-karat gold.

The fine materials used to create The Gold Mattress have antistatic and antibacterial proprieties and they also provide temperature control. Thanks to its Magniflex Memoform Core, your sleep will be serene and relaxing: the shape of the mattress adapts to the shape of your body with an impressive accuracy of up to 85%.

The Italian company which produces it is Magniflex and they will present the luxury creation at the upcoming Fuorisalone in Milan. Each Gold Mattress costs €24,000 (or some $34,200).

The Golden Mattress by Stephanie Montaperto The Golden Mattress by Stephanie Montaperto 1

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