The Glorious Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, India

Literally an island of opulence, Taj Lake Palace is an amazing luxury destination in Udaipur, Rajahstan, India. Being located in the middle of a beautiful artificial body of water, called Pichola Lake, the entire “island” is actually one big palace built in the mid 1700s by the descendants of the Sun God. Ok, that may sound a little too much, but this is how the successors to the Mewar dynasty were actually called.

Access to the superb resort is ensured by hotel boats, the distance from the shore being a very reasonable one. The lake is only 30 minutes away from Dabok Airport. Inspired by the 16th century aristocratic luxury, the palace amazes with its opulence. Here you can find everything you may need for an excellent vacation: private parking, banquet halls, meeting rooms, and the flawless professional services.

Splendid chandeliers, gild surfaces, fine fabrics, luxe flooring, and intricate details throughout make the palace a sort of heaven for luxury addicts. Every single room and suite boasts stunning lake views and state-of-the-art amenities. Activities here are entertaining and varied: trekking, horseback riding, rejuvenating Spa treatments, boat rides, and much more. Nightly rates start at approximately $300.

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