The First Revolution Watch Winder Finds its Owner


Buben & Zorweg is again bringing its high-end Revolution watch winder at Baselworld, where people will have the opportunity to admire it from March 8 to March 15. The company has also found the first buyer of this remarkable piece, but his or her name has not been disclosed yet. The innovative and luxurious winder is a true masterpiece, and its makers are proud to say that it “not only meets but actually exceeds our customer’s expectations.”

The Revolution flaunts ground-braking innovations, a classy design, and uncompromising functionality. It can hold 8 to 12 watches placed over high-quality Italian Nappa leather. It has an aluminum chassis, a high-gloss polished lacquer and a carbon or precious wood inlay for the interior.

LED lighting ensures perfect visibility of the timepieces, and the security glass cover allows for curious and admiring glances to be cast upon the watches even when the winder is closed. A state-of-the-art German lock ensures the safety of the entire collection at all times.

The First Revolution Watch Winder Finds its Owner

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