The Fast, Powerful and Lightweight 2012 Audi R8 GT

Passionate about ten-cylinder engines? Well, here is the all new Audi R8 GT, boasting a very potent 5.2-liter V10 that pushes the car to 60 mph in just 3.6 second and to a maximum speed of 199 (aerodynamically limited) in no time. With 560 horsepower, 398 pound-feet of torque and 180 pounds less weight, Audi describes this baby as the fastest, most powerful and lightest supercar in their lineup.

The mid-mounted engine is set in an aluminum and magnesium monocoque chassis and it sends its power to all four wheels via an automatic sequential gearbox. The transmission and the all-wheel drive received a new set of commands, while the brakes, the suspension and the underpinnings received a new series of upgrades.

Of course, the coupe also got a couple of cosmetic touches, meant to do more than just freshen up the old look. They also have a positive impact on the GT’s performance. The new GT variant features a fixed carbon fiber rear wing (instead of the motorized pop-up unit), full LED headlights as standard, blacked-out taillamp reflectors and a number of carbon fiber elements, including the front bumper winglets, the front lower double splitter, the rear bumper (accented in Titanium Gray), the lower diffuser and the mirror covers. Complementing the new looks are the forged wheels and the twin oversized exhaust outlets with aggressive notes and a dark grey finish.

The interior is just as appealing as the outside of this car. With lightweight Alcantara throughout, carbon accents in several essential spots and pseudo-suede on the seats, steering wheel, headliner, rood posts, handbrake lever and knee pads, the 2012 R8 GT welcomes its passengers in maximum comfort.

Incredibly easy to drive even at the highest speeds, the GT boasts accurate steering, perfect grip and excellent throttle response. The list of options in this new Audi R8 is not very long. It includes a full leather interior, audio upgrades, carbon fiber-reinforced ceramic brakes with anodized red calipers, forged wheels and four exclusive colors: Samoa Orange, Phantom Black,  Suzuka Gray and Ice Silver.

Now for the bad news: all 333 examples of the limited edition two-seat exotic car are already spoken for, ninety of which have found U.S. owners. The upcoming R8 GT Spyder however can still be ordered if you move fast. The base price for the coupe is $196,800, plus $1,250 in destination charges.

2012 Audi R8 GT (5) 

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