The Exquisite Bridge Suite of Hotel Atlantis

The Exquisite Bridge Suite of Hotel Atlantis (12)

If you want to make your visit to the Bahamas a truly unforgettable experience, then we suggest you choose a lavish hotel that will give you all the pampering you need, and more. Hotel Atlantis fits the description perfectly and this is why: it’s got an amazing entertainment center (with the largest casino in the Caribbean), immense convention and meeting facilities (here is where you’ll also find the largest ballroom in the Caribbean), a wonderful collection of luxe shops and boutiques, and 2,300 lushly appointed guestrooms.

And if you’re really looking for the very best, then we recommend you book the iconic Bridge Suite, one of the most expensive hotel suites in the world. At $25,000 per night, be sure that you’ll get a pretty real taste of what living like a king feels like. We’ve already told you a few words about the mind-blowing Bridge Suite in a previous article  about expensive Valentine’s Day getaways, but now we’re here with more. We’ve got pictures, videos and a more detailed description. Enjoy!

Connecting Atlantis’ Royal Towers on Paradise Island, The Bridge Suite boasts a sophisticated interior design created by famous fashion designer Versace. Grandeur and elegance dominate every corner of this amazing suite with marble flooring and furnishings, Red Persian Travertine, expensive carpets, draperies, mirrors and, of course, a little gold here and there.

The living room is an imposing chamber, measuring 50 x 25 feet, with two entertainment centers, a large terrace, a baby grand piano, and a bar lounge. In the spacious dining room there is a custom-made table for ten illuminated by a striking 22-karat gold chandelier.

Measuring 28 x 17 feet, the king bedroom flaunts an immense four-poster bed covered in hand-painted linens and decorated with large pillows. The room has got its own sitting area, his and hers closets and bathrooms, all royally sized and lushly appointed. The queen bedroom is no less astonishing with its walk-in closet and custom furniture, draperies and carpets.

Actually not one in all 10 rooms of the  Bridge Suite is a usual sight. Everything from materials, fabrics and textures to colors, shapes and sizes evokes the unparalleled grandeur of a king’s palace. You can only truly understand The Bridge Suite’s majesty if you see it in person.

The Exquisite Bridge Suite of Hotel Atlantis (1) The Exquisite Bridge Suite of Hotel Atlantis (4) The Exquisite Bridge Suite of Hotel Atlantis (10) The Exquisite Bridge Suite of Hotel Atlantis (11)


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