The Crystal Soda Stream in Swarovski Crystals

Luxurious kitchen appliances are not a novelty anymore. We’ve seen the Swarovski Studded Refrigerator, the golden BBQ grill and even the Diamond Edition Faucet. This time, Soda Stream, the world’s leader in home produced sparkling drinks, has come with a new and brilliant idea: the Swarovski studded soda maker.

Only 50 such elegant and luxurious soda makers are available in the online shop at Soda Stream. The Crystal Soda Stream is encrusted with 1200 crystals, which will add uniqueness and luxury to your kitchen. Apart from the drink maker, the complete kit is made of 2 glass carafes and a gas carbonator for 60L of liquid. The Crystal Soda Stream comes in 4 colors: white, silver, red and titan. They can be yours for $536 a piece.

The Crystal Soda Stream in Swarovski Crystals


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