The Creative Unit’s Remarkable SORA Electric Motorcycle

The number of technologies on this bike is truly impressive. Aside from its good looks, the SORA Electric Motorcycle also boasts numerous technological features that will make many bike enthusiasts fall in love with it on the spot. Its most important characteristic is its engine, which works solely on electric energy, thus playing an important role in reducing humans’ negative impact on nature.

This however has not led its makers – The Creative Unit – to compromise on the motorcycle’s performance and speed. Driving this baby is a true pleasure and a thrilling experience. This is achievable thanks to a number of special technologies like the integrated charge management system, which helps store energy, a CVT transmission coupled to a truly powerful engine, a patented “Safe Range System”, a special communication and power-management system, an integrated GPS system, and finally a touchscreen for easy control of different features.

Other impressive features are the state-of-the-art brakes, the advanced suspension system, the adjustable electric seat (you can make your long trips more comfortable than ever), and even a patented email notification system that will let the owner know when the charging process is complete and the bike is ready for use. A sealed storage compartment that can be locked is also part of the project, giving its user the possibility to safely transport things from one place to another.

See below how The Creative Unit managed to combine different design styles in one awesome bike. You will find café racer elements, street fighter influences, and remarkable futuristic touches, all melted together in one stunning project.

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