The Creative Pittsburgh Offices of Inventionland

Here you can see what comes out of a motto that goes like this: “The best work comes out of the spirit of play”. The man behind these words is George Davison, the founder of the Inventionland company, and the result is a 70,000-sq.ft. facility featuring 15 different sets that will leave you speechless. Race tracks, pirate ships, faux caves, a castle, a huge robot and red carpet walkways, these are all a natural part of this creative working environment.

Employees here (in Pittsburgh) are called “creationeers” and are easy to recognize by their lab coats. They invent over 2000 items every year, and the company licenses out a new product every 3 days. Isn’t that impressive!

Pittsburgh Offices of Inventionland (1) Pittsburgh Offices of Inventionland (2) Pittsburgh Offices of Inventionland (6)

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