The Cinderella-Worthy Mercedes G-Class by Vilner

Vilner Studio decided to create a unique car with a royal interior “for today’s princes and princesses”. Inspired by Charles Perrault and his Cinderella story, the studio changed this lovely SUV into a modern-day magic pumpkin.

They completely redid the interior of the G-Class Mercedes with fine leather and Alcantara throughout. Paying great attention to details, they covered almost everything in leather, including the plastic components of the seatbelt, and the rear-view mirror. The ceiling is divided by a back strip of Alcantara, and some shiny chrome details give a plus of charm to the elegantly redesigned G-Class.

The seats, the ceiling and the doors flaunt a beautifully embossed beige leather that gives the whole interior a sense of luxury and style. We also really like what Vilner did with the sun visors: they cut some round circles in the black Alcantara that surrounds the mirror, and added some lights behind the openings. The package also includes a Ground Zero sound system for a perfectly enjoyable experience on the road.

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