The Chinese to Build World’s Largest Duty Free Mall in Sanya

The Chinese government has found a very interesting way to attract more tourists to the Sanya district. Last year the district of Hainan was visited by 33 million tourists, and surveys indicate that they were mostly attracted by the area’s two dusty free stores. So, naturally, the Chinese decided to build a gargantuan dutyfree mall in Sanya – the largest one in the world.

Apparently the plan is really bold, as it is said that the complex will span over100,000 square meters (more than 1 million square feet), which is absolutely mind boggling(roughly 1/3 the size of Hong Kong). Among the many exciting features of the complex there will be a huge shopping center, and 12 fully functional golf courses. Luxury brands will make this mall a true shopping paradise, where fashion addicts will pay less for their favorite items.