The Best Wine Cocktails That Will Make Any Occasion Special

Any occasion can be remarkable if it’s paired with the perfect cocktail. You’re probably thinking about mixing gin, vodka, or brandy and creating the ultimate at-home cocktail when it comes to cocktail making. The reality is that you can create the perfect cocktail using one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, used by Queen Cleopatra herself- wine.
Wine is the ultimate versatile alcoholic beverage. There are so many types available, so it’s a guarantee that you’ll find a type to your liking. Winc wine has some of the best choices for wine: red, white, rose, sparkling, dessert wine, and many, many more. Wine is so great that even doctors recommend drinking one glass a day to keep the blood flow.

Wine Cocktails have a unique taste, and they’re perfect for every occasion

One great thing about wine is that it can be used to make extra unique wine cocktails. Cocktails are fantastic, and preparing them with your favorite wine will take them to the next level. You don’t need any special occasion to try them because these incredible wine cocktails can make any occasion memorable and make you the queen/ king of the party. Pop the cork and start shaking to create perfection!

Red Sangria
Sangria is the ultimate favorite wine drink. Sangria was first created in 200 BC by the Romans, using the exquisite wines of Spain. One century later, Sangria has taken over Europe and instantly became one of the most popular drinks. With only a couple of ingredients, you can enjoy the beauties of Spain in the comfort of your own home.
Here’s what you need:
– dry red wine
– fruits: lemon, orange, and green apple
– sparkling water

Chop up the fruits and mix them with some sugar. You can use as much sugar as you want, but make sure you don’t make the Sangria too sweet. Leave the mixture for at least 30 minutes before adding the wine. Once the wine is added, mix again and refrigerate at least 2 hours before consuming. Enjoy the taste of sunny Spain!

Rose Spritzer
The Rose Spritzer is the ultimate summer cocktail that will make those hot summer days perfect. Spritzer originates from Austria, and it’s the perfect cocktail for people who have a strict diet because it’s low in calories. Another awesome thing about this drink is that it can be prepared in seconds, so it’s the perfect cocktail when you’re short of time.
To prepare it, you need a chilled rosé wine and soda water. The perfect ratio for this cocktail is to use 3 parts wine and 1 part soda water, but you can adjust this to your preference.
So pick your favorite cocktail glass, add the rosé wine and soda water, stir it gently and enjoy.

Ginger and Pomegranate Spritz

Ginger and pomegranate are some of the greatest and healthiest foods you can incorporate into your diet. So, if they’re so healthy for eating, they’re also great when they come in the form of a cocktail. Pairing them with your favorite dry, white wine will help you create the ultimate cocktail that guarantees will become a hit at your home party.
To prepare this stellar cocktail, you first need to grab your favorite wine glass. Fill it halfway with ice, and then add a dozen pomegranate arils. Add 2 tbsp of pomegranate juice and 1 tbsp ginger liqueur, and top everything with your favorite dry, white wine. Add a few lemon slices for decoration.

Strawberry Frose
If you’re a person who enjoys slushies, this will instantly become your favorite summer cocktail. It’s super refreshing, easy to prepare, and includes using your favorite rose wine. With just a couple of ingredients, you’ll be able to prepare the ultimate summer cocktail.
Before you start, you have to pour a bottle of your favorite rose wine into a container and freeze it for more than 3 hours. While the wine is freezing, prepare the strawberry puree. Mix 100 milliliters of water with 50 grams of caters sugar, and bring them to a simmer. Once the sugar is dissolved, add 300 grams of fresh strawberries. Turn the heat off, and let the strawberry mixture cool down before continuing. Use your blender to blend the strawberries, and then strain the mixture. Once the wine is frozen, scoop it, add it to your blender, add a bit of the strawberry puree, and blend. Add some extra fresh strawberries for garnish.

Mulled wine

There’s nothing better than a cup of mulled wine on a cold winter day. The smell can be intoxicating and attract even those who don’t like wine. The Romans discovered mulled wine in the 2nd century, and they drank it primarily to protect their bodies from the cold weather. This perfect cocktail is good for the soul, but it can keep your body warm.
To prepare this ultimate heart-warming cocktail, the first thing you need is a big pot. In that pot, add two bottles of your favorite red wine, ½ cup orange juice, two cinnamon sticks, two nutmegs, 12 cloves, ½ cup of sugar, and some orange zest. Place the pot on the stove and heat. Don’t let the wine boil.
The best way to serve this delicious winter cocktail is in a mug.

Take out the cocktail shaker and prepare to taste perfection

If you want to explore with your favorite wine, the best way is to take out your shaker and start shaking. Wine cocktails are easy to prepare; you don’t need a lot of ingredients, and the taste is literally to die for. Combining your favorite bottle of wine with just a few other ingredients can take the beverage to another level. The first step towards preparing the perfect wine cocktail is simply popping the cork.

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