The Best Nightlife Spots in Athens

Believe it or not, Athens is not just all about the historical ruins. It is also one of the hottest places to go in Europe for a night out. Late nights socializing are a big part of Athenian life, and the nightlife is as much a part of the city’s fabric as its globally famous ruins. With a vibrant nightlife scene, the city has all sorts of clubs, bars, and restaurants that are perfect for every kind of night out. What makes Athenian bars so unique is that most of them open in the day for a quiet coffee or slice of cake, before becoming a hotspot for the crowds in the evening. Whether you want an upmarket night out or want to get down and wild, here is our guide to some of the best nightlife spots in the city. 

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash


Gazi, often confused with the residential area of Gyzi, is packed full of super clubs. It is famed for its venues playing Rebetiko music – the Greek equivalent of the Blues – and you can find plenty of places to enjoy traditional Greek music being performed by renowned artists. It is also home to LOHAN, one of the business ventures of actress Lindsay Lohan. The club brings in some of the world’s top DJ’s alongside a little slice of luxury and decadence It is also home to  En Vogue Nightclub, the new nightclub in Athens, which specialises in some of the greatest international music and spectacular audio-visual effects.


Psyrri is the district to head if you are looking for a boozy getaway. It is considered to be one of the trendiest places in the city by Athenians, and has always had a reputation as being slightly anti-establishment, which makes for some exciting and fun clubs! Start your evening at one of the bars, such as Beer-Time, where you can sample beers from all over the world before heading to the 7-Times Club, which plays music of all genres for all sorts of ages. 


If a wild night out is not your cup of tea, Kolonaki is where you need to be heading to. It is one of the most affluent and luxurious areas, situated in the centre of Athens, and is home to plenty of intimate bars oozing with sophisticated glamour. Head to Blondies, Rue de Marseille and Skoufaki for a sophisticated cocktail or two, and a spot of glamorous people-watching. 


In recent years, Metaxourgeio has been emerging as a fashionable and artistic district. Nightlife here is a lot more laid back and low key, with plenty of hidden spots in and around the crooked streets. On an evening, the area is buzzing with young people, sitting out drinking and talking until the early hours. Kerameio is the place if you want some laid back live jazz and warm vibes, or for something a little different, head to the Latraac Cafe & Skate Bowl, where you can sip on your drinks while watching the cool young things do tricks in the skate bowl. 


Keramikos has a bit of a rag to riches background. Once it was a slightly grotty, no-go area of the city but has risen up to be one of the more glamorous parts. It is easily accessible by the metro, which runs late on the weekends, and is home to plenty of hedonistic bars and clubs, including some fabulous gay clubs. Head to Bios if you are looking for the perfect cocktail.


Athens is steeped in history, and Patsion is the must-visit place if you want to get a sense of the old town. The Au Revoir bar is the oldest bar in Athens, having opened back in 1958. Many actors, poets, and artists of the ’60s and ’70s regularly visited this bar, including the legendary Frank Sinatra! As you walk through the door, you are transported back to a time when a good whiskey or excellent dry martini cocktail was the must-have drink, with jazz and French music playing in the background.


Exarchia is the perfect spot if you are looking to experience the young Athenian nightlife scene. Combining a mixture of gritty urban haunts and glamorous hipster hot spots, the region is famous for it’s anarchist and anti-establishment vibe. It is becoming increasingly famed across the world for it’s food and arts scene. If it’s a boozy night out you are looking for, head to Spirito, which is a favourite of the locals, or the An Club, the oldest rock music club in Athens.

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