The Awesome OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator

Passionate about flight, but not quite ready to pilot a real plane? For $57,300 you can fly anywhere around the world without ever taking off. The OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator gives you the possibility to enjoy adventurous virtual flights, with turbulences and nighttime simulations and everything. After you get the money for it, you have to find a room that is large enough to hold the pod-like machine which measures 320 cm in length, 220 cm in height and 360 cm in width (10.49 feet, 7.21 feet and 11.81 feet, respectively).

Three 24-inch widescreens show the virtual places that you fly above, while numerous buttons, indicators, pedals  and controls make the cockpit look very similar to that of a real aircraft. There is even a five-position switch that “turns on” the engines. The lighting system, the multi-speaker sound system and the vibrations system help create a very realistic impression of flight. You can actually “feel” the irregularities in the runway as you take off, experience dim-light nighttime flights, and be shaken by the engine ignition. Every twist and acceleration you make while flying, you will both see on the screens and feel as the cabin moves with you.

Very silent, easy to install and irresistibly fun, the OVO-4 could be the best Christmas present you will ever make for a kid (or adult) who’s really passionate about flying – maybe that’s you! The $57,300 price comes with a two-year warranty.

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