The Armored Lincoln Navigator 2020

Inkas is a brand that has specialised in converting luxury SUVs into armored cars. In addition to all these the company has also got specialisation in metal fabrication, safe manufacturing, environmental and financial protection services, software development, etc. It is a Canadian company that has earlier converted Cadillac Escalade as well as Mercedes-Benz G-Class into armored vehicles. After these two conversions, the company is now transforming the Lincoln Navigator L which is the long-wheelbase version of the flagship SUV from Lincoln. The Lincoln Navigator L is a massively heavy, comparatively safe and an Uber imposing vehicle. The vehicle has got a weight of 6000 lbs and it has also got a five-star rating in the crash test from the IIHS. 

Forces it can withstand

The transformed version of the Lincoln Navigator L by Inkas can withstand shots from .308 Winchester FMJ ammunition as well as from . 30 caliber. In addition to these two bullets, the Inkas armored Lincoln Navigator L 2020 can withstand the force created by the explosion of not one, but two hand grenades which explode simultaneously. This information has been revealed by the company.

Where does the protection come from?

The protection that theInkas armored Lincoln Navigator L 2020 enjoys is because the floor, as well as the ceiling of the vehicle, enjoys protection which is full perimeter ballistic. In addition to this, there is also multi-layer glass which is ballistic. This information has been released by the company itself. Along with all these, the armored Lincoln Navigator L 2020 has also got runlet tires, a siren, a public address system, emergency lights, and an upgraded suspension.

What remained the same?

One of the things which were not upgraded by the company is the power train. A twin-turbo V – 6 of the stock version having a capacity of three and a half liter is present in an Inkas armored Lincoln Navigator L 2020, which is the same as a normal Lincoln Navigator L. It has got the power of four hundred and fifty horsepower along with a torque of 510-pound feet. In addition to these, there are multiple other electronic features of the Lincoln Navigator L which are maintained in the armored version. These electronic features include park assist as well as autonomous emergency braking and six driving modes. One of the things worth noting is that the performance of the armored version will be affected by the extra amount of weight that is put on the vehicle.

The Interior

If we talk about the interior of the Inkas armored Lincoln Navigator L 2020, then it can be said that it is one of the most luxurious places which can protect a person from the gunfire. In the second row of the armored vehicle, there is a captain’s chair which has got the feature of power reclining. In addition to these, there are additional features of cooling, heating as well as massage in the vehicle. There is also no shortage of entertainment in the armored Lincoln Navigator L 2020. The vehicle is equipped with an entertainment system in the rear seat. In addition to this, there is the audio system from Revel Ultima which has got twenty speakers and is available directly from the factory. Along with all these, there are illuminated running boards. There is also the approach detection technology in this armored vehicle. With the help of this approach detection technology, the occupants of the vehicle get an early warning, whenever there is a potential ambush. 

The Optional features 

In addition to the primary features of the vehicle, some optional features can be chosen by the buyer if he or she wants to. The optional features include heavy-duty wheels along with a system for fire suppression. Along with these, there are also optional features of the emergency lights system as well as a lightweight armoring package. In addition to all these, there is also the feature of the Intercom/PA/Siren system and heavy-duty brake system along with components. 

The cost

As of now, the company has not listed the price of the armored Lincoln Navigator L 2020. The price of the armored Escalade by the company starts at $ 3,00,000. The same vehicle when fully customized can cost up to $ 5,00,000. If you are looking for a vehicle that provides you reliable as well as comfortable transportation along with a wide range of security features to protect you in case of any possible attack, then this is the vehicle that you should consider buying. The Armored Lincoln Navigator 2020 is an absolute powerhouse performer, which assures the user of safety as well as luxurious comfort. One of the best part parts about this car is that it is costly as well as cheaper both at the same time for the year 2020 and it depends completely on the trim. 

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