The Amazing WHY Yacht. WHY Not Dream Big?

The Amazing WHY Yacht. WHY Not Dream Big?

Dreaming of a long, lazy sunbathing session on an isolated island, but still surrounded by luxury. A bountiful life for a few days… And if you don’t like the sky above your beach chair, simply move the… island! Yes, that’s exactly what we wrote here – move your island.

Now how is that possible in the real world? Actually it is not yet possible, because the project has been delayed, but what we are talking about here is an extremely luxurious and equally expensive yacht. The most exclusive yacht in the world is designed to be a moving islands. This is how the Wally CEO, Luca Bassani Antivari described the project. Wally is the name of a yacht maker in Monaco which was going to build the marvel together with Hermes French luxury brand. Meanwhile Hermes decided not to be part of the project anymore and now the future of the WHY yacht is very uncertain, though Wally still sais the dream will one day become reality.

We’re talking about a 58 to 137 million dollars machine, and there is nobody out there to announce its interest in it. Not yet, anyway. WHY is 58 meters long (190 feet), 38 meters-wide (124 feet) and it can accommodate 16 guests and a crew of 24 members. The total guest surface area is of 3,900 m2, or 41,979 square feet. This means that each guest receives about 1,076 square feet of room.

The yacht is made of steel, it has a displacement of 2,400 tons, and its diesel electric engines generate 3,218 horsepower. It has a cruising speed of 12 knots ant the maximum speed is of 14 knots. WHY is a nature friendly yacht, as it has 900 m2 (9,687 feet) worth of photovoltaic panels, as well as 60 m2 (645 feet) of thermal panels to help generate the energy which is then stored in a 2,000 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack (LiFePO4).

Now about the yacht’s comfort. There is one lovely thing about it. The owner can build it anyway he or she wants to. And to assist you creativity, some default amenities are designed: 100 square meters helicopter pad, 25 meter lo9ng swimming pool, sauna, gym and massage room, a spa, a cinema, a dining room, a music room, sun decks, terraces and a lounge. Five suites are ready to host the guests, while a sixth one – the largest of all – is reserved for the owner of the yacht. The owner can also choose to save the entire third deck for himself or herself.

It would be great to be the owner of this amazing floating island. But we would be satisfied even with only a few days of being a guest of the rich lucky owner. We can’t keep wondering who will buy this sea jewel.

The Amazing WHY Yacht. WHY Not Dream Big?The Amazing WHY Yacht. WHY Not Dream Big?