The Amazing Ford Evos Concept

This year’s Frankfurt motor Show will mark the debut of the astonishing Ford Evos concept. This one vehicle embodies all the technological advances and design innovations that Ford promises to introduce in its future creations. Evos will never be seen on the road, but the automaker’s next generation products around the world will boast many of the appealing features of this concept. Derrick Kuzak, the group vice president of Global Product Development, said that “The Ford Evos Concept unites three key elements which are at the core of our One Ford global product strategy: outstanding design, smart technologies and fuel economy leadership”.

The first thing you see when looking at a new car is it’s looks. Well, Ford has fascinated us with the Evos concept right from a first glance. The car introduces a new global design DNA that works as a common framework for all Ford design teams around the world. This way a new family of distinctive models will be born, with all members sharing the same fundamental design character.

Evos is a dramatic fastback with new proportions that enhance its appeal. The higher mounted trapezoidal grille, the slim “laser cut” front lamps, the sculptured flanks, the spectacular gullwing-style doors and many other new design elements give this car a bolder, more muscular character.

The interior of the concept seems to be built around the driver. An innovative cockpit oozes style and offers a new and very efficient driver interaction. Curvy cockpit display surfaces slope down on both sides of the driver and offer supplemental information about the car and the infotainment system. Beautifully contrasting with these fluid forms, the interior architecture of the vehicle boasts more muscular shapes, characterized by clean lines and trapezoidal cut-outs. The rear passengers can also enjoy the car to the fullest, as they too have touchscreen displays that allow them to interact with it.

In terms of interaction and connectivity, Ford has found fascinating new ways to impress its customers. The Evos concept provides a seamless transition from home to car and workplace. There is a special connection between the car and the driver’s “personal cloud” of information, as if the vehicle really knows its owner and can automatically adapt engine, steering and suspension controls for a perfectly personalized driving experience.

For instance, Evos will use data from the “cloud”, like weather conditions, local traffic and the driver’s work schedule and will merge this information with the one regarding the driver’s personal driving habits in order to provide the best on-road experience possible. Even more, Evos can also become a personal assistant to its owner and do a lot of things by wirelessly communicating with the home. It can automatically switch off the lights or shut the garage doors when it pulls off. It can also predict departure times based on its calendar, and even reset the owner’s alarm clock when a morning meeting is cancelled. And as a final touch, the vehicle can play the same news program or music that the driver has been listening to in the house. Talk about seamless transition!

The list of alluring amenities is really overwhelming and it’s just too bad that the Evos concept was not created for production. However, we do hope that Ford’s next generation models will see as many Evos features as possible!The Amazing Ford Evos Concept (10)


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