The Altwork Station Allows You To Work While Lying Down

Whether we’re talking about writers, designers, programmers or artists, most of them need to sit at a desk for hours every day in order to get any work done, and this can cause serious health-related issues. Actually, sitting at a desk every day is so bad for your health that experts suggest taking breaks every few hours in order to walk, stretch and ideally work out for a bit.

Altwork Station Allows You To Work While Lying Down

However, if you absolutely have to sit at a desk every day, you might as well sit in a comfortable position such as lying down. A very impressive product named Altwork Station could definitely make your job easier, as it can be configured in a number of ways in order to ensure a comfortable working position. Using magnets to keep peripherals such as mice and keyboards in place, the Altwork station retails for $3,900 in its first run, while its full price tag is actually $5,900.

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