The 5 Keys to a Memorable Wedding Reception

Every wedding ceremony has to end with a night of good food, sentimental music, and unforgettable memories. The reception that comes after the wedding is just as important as the ceremony itself, and serves as a grand celebration of your union.

Wedding receptions require a great deal of planning. You want it to be fun, emotional, and  above all, memorable, but how will you manage all three? Check out this list of the five most essential elements of a wedding reception that nobody will ever forget:

1. Plan for a theme

You can always go for a standard white wedding, but it’s still best to come up with something out of the ordinary. It’s a simple matter of picking a theme that means a lot to you and your partner. Whether it’s a wedding in the tropics or a lavish winter ceremony, coming up with a theme helps you play with exciting ideas for your wedding reception.

2. Scout for a great venue

Once you have laid down your plans for a themed wedding, you need to find a venue that would match the overall feel and aesthetic you have in mind. If you are pushing through with a beach wedding, you can look for a beachfront resort that provides a stunning view of the sunset. For a more nostalgic feel, you can pick a place that means a lot to you and your partner, like the prom venue where you first met. 

3. Set the mood

What would the venue look like on the day of the event? What is the kind of atmosphere you want to achieve? Your wedding planner might have a few ideas in mind for setting the mood, but you still have control over the feel and appearance of the reception. You can suggest hiring a band or a local DJ to provide ambient music. To give the event a more intimate vibe, opt for warm lamps and table candles, smoke effects, and sparklers.

4. Find the right equipment

If you are planning to hold the wedding reception at a hotel or resort, equipment such as speakers, microphones and projectors could be part of a package deal. On the other hand, you may want to look for an event rental company if you are planning to hold the reception at an outdoor area. It’s easy to find one even on the island of Oahu where you can rent items easily for your next event after the reception. 

5. Come up with a memorable menu

The best part of any wedding reception is often the food. You need to cap the night off with an array of satisfying dishes that are also related with your theme. You wouldn’t want bad food to get in the way of a perfect wedding reception, so take your time choosing the appetizers, entrees, and desserts for the feast.

The wedding reception is a part of the ceremony itself, so it’s important to put a lot of effort into preparing for it. This way, the event will hold a special place in the memory of your guests.

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