The 4 Finest Luxury Cars of the Last 5 Years

Remember when the classic Cadillac El Dorado or the Sedan Deville were the finest luxury cars around? Well, those days are long gone. During the ’50s and ’60s, and right up until the year 2000, when you said luxury cars, your mind automatically turned to Cadillac, but although GM still makes some beautiful Cadillacs(including the Escalade SUV and even the CTS Plug-in) the lights have dimmed a little on Cadillac as “the finest” luxury cars.

There are four excellent reasons for that: Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, and Lexus have moved up the ranks this millennium, and particularly the last five years. Could one of these be your next luxury car?

It seems as though the first two have always been there at the top. If not for the price difference, those probably would have been just as commonplace on the road as Cadillac and Mercedes. Well, they don’t call them luxury cars because they are cheap, do they? Lexus, Toyota’s recent entry into the luxury car business has already been around for 30 years, and the added luxuries and technical innovation show you why.

To help you start thinking about your next luxury car let’s look at a few of the finest luxury cars of the last five years.

The Rolls Royce Dawn

There are two reasons the Dawn is at the top of the list. First, it’s a Rolls Royce (duh). Second, it’s a convertible. Nothing says luxury quite as well as Rolls Royce – this is not a car you will want to buy and keep in the garage; this is a car you will want to be seen in every day! It still has the world-renowned grille with the Spirit of Ecstasy flying proudly. Though some would say this is too sporty, it’s nothing but a luxury car. It is Rolls. Could this be your next luxury car?

The Bentley Mulsanne

For those who need the extra legroom (as if there isn’t enough in a Bentley) there’s the Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, which seems like it was tailor made for NBA Centers and Power Forwards. If you want an instant classic, get the Mulsanne W.O. Edition: there were only 100 made to celebrate their one-hundredth anniversary.

The car’s interior is genuinely classic as well, with exquisite soft-touch leather and hand-finished wood veneer. An antique dealer would feel right at home inside!

Any Mercedes S-Class

Whichever S-Class you choose, the S stands for Super. Mercedes has long been known for its superior mechanics under the hood and luxuriant interiors that give it an extremely quiet, smooth ride. Almost every luxury item for its interior comes standard, but at $90,000, these are what you have come to expect from Mercedes.

The Lexus ES 350 Ultra Luxury

Kelly Blue Book (KBB) named the Lexus the “Best Luxury Brand” and the “Most Trusted Luxury Brand” for 2018, making it the third consecutive year Lexus has won these awards. And it’s already KBB’s “Luxury Sedan Best Buy of 2019.” One look at the Lexus ES 350 and you will know why it won – they don’t call it the Ultra Luxury for no reason, as the semi-aniline leather interior sets the stage for ultra-luxury. The driver’s seat can also be adjusted 14 ways, so you’ll melt into the seat in supreme comfort.

Whichever one of these you choose as your next luxury car, you can’t go wrong.

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