The 4 Casas by Gaeta Springall Architects. Impressive ?

4 Casas by Gaeta Springall Architects

4 Casas (four houses) is an unusual project by Gaeta Springall Architects. But unusual is the new modern, so everything is actually very normal.

The four houses are nothing else but two luxury towers built on the side of a steep ravine in Mexico City, Mexico. Our first objection is this: why would anyone buy a luxury house with almost no privacy at all? If you decide to get one of the four houses you’ll probably have to buy the other one in your tower too, so that you can have the whole place for yourself and not worry about your neighbors.

We’d also like to say that the buildings look a bit like the famous Antilia , the most expensive house in the world. Of course, the resemblance is only superficial, as the “casas” are quite small in comparison to the 560 ft Antilia sky-scraper. But still we can’t help to notice that both buildings are basically asymmetrical towers which seem to play a dangerous game with gravity. Not very original.

Otherwise, the overall look of the houses pleases the eye. They boast a modern architecture with large windows, a lot of white and catchy color contrasts.

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