The “20 Million Woman” Who Sold 11 Veyrons in One Year

Luxury car salesperson Anita Krizsan is a living proof of the fact that you don’t have to be a man in order to master car-related knowledge and to convince wealthy customers to shell out millions on their dream rides! The so-called “$20 million woman” sold a whopping 11 Bugatti Veyrons in only one year! That is £13 million (about $20 million) in sales, hence the moniker.

According to her, customers usually tend to avoid her and look for a male salesperson, but then are completely amazed by her competence and knowledge of supercars. The 39 year old lady is charming and excellent at her job, and Bugatti officially acknowledged her skills by sending her a special Christmas card in which they called her the company’s ‘global benchmark’ in sales.

Krizsan is a dedicated salesperson, working 24 hours a day with VIP customers, consulting them, advising them, and sealing deals. The dealership sends her to the buyers’ homes (most of them are from Russia and the Middle East) to hand them the keys to their new supercars.

One Veyron costs between £1 million and £2 million, which means that her sales commission must be pretty impressive as well. As expected, she chose to keep the exact numbers a private matter, but one can imagine her income is far from modest, given that commissions usually go between 5 to10 percent of the profit.




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