Ten Most Impressive Architectures of 2010

We are not saying that no other amazing buildings were made in 2010. But a top 10 will be enough to help you figure just how ingenious architects have been this year. Some of the pictures below will definitely leave you speechless.

1. Vodaphone Headquarters in Portugal

Designed by Barbosa Guimaraes, this building is actually another way of spelling Vodaphone’s slogan: Life in Motion. The Porto based headquarters is not only amazing in architecture, it is also very functional as a building.

Vodaphone Headquarters in Portugal

Vodaphone Headquarters in Portugal

2. Bridle Road Residence

Featuring a garden with rare species of plants, this house received great appreciation from the American Society of Landscape Architects. They considered it to have one of the best landscape architecture designs of 2010. The house was designed by Antonio Zaninovic.

Bridle Road ResidenceBridle Road ResidenceBridle Road Residence

3. JD House

Made of local wood and concrete, the JD House by BAK Arquitectos in Mar Azul, Argentina is a perfect example of nature and man living together in harmony. The contemporary house did not disturb the environment around it, and it even allowed a pine tree to penetrate its roof and floor, as you can see in the picture.

JD HouseJD House

4. Azahar Group Headquarters

Reflecting the steep mountains nearby the building features steep and angular shapes in its design. And since Azahar Group deals with environmental logistics, their headquarters were made as environment-friendly as possible: it is fitted with rainwater recycling systems, natural lighting systems and more. Located in Castellon, Spain, the building was designed by OAB.

Azahar Group HeadquartersAzahar Group Headquarters

5. Glass Pavilion House

This beautiful minimal architecture is a creation of designer Steve Hermann. You can see it in Montecito, California, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The pavilion house flaunts modern floor-to-ceiling glass and a lot of white elements.

Glass Pavilion HouseGlass Pavilion House

6. ANZ Centre Melbourne

Eco and elegant, the ANZ Centre features rainwater reuse systems, blackwater recycling, river-based cooling, and wind and solar power production. But in addition to this, it flaunt extraordinary architecture, worthy of being mentioned in our list.

ANZ Centre MelbourneANZ Centre Melbourne

7. Modularing House

A master of residential architecture is A-cero Architects. The black finishing of this house’s exterior is surprising and very appealing at the same time. The Modulating house is definitely modern in every aspect.

Modularing HouseModularing HouseModularing House

8. Kanagawa Institute of Technology: the Glass Building

The Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Tokyo is filled with light. Being a glass building, people and plants inside can freely enjoy the sun from every angle, all they long. We simply love it.

Kanagawa Institute of Technology: the Glass BuildingKanagawa Institute of Technology: the Glass BuildingKanagawa Institute of Technology: the Glass Building

9. House 6

Marcio Kogan’s work enjoys a lot of success among contemporary architecture lovers. Stone walls, wood-slated exterior, a large pool and patio, the house has it all. For us seeing this beauty meant love at first sight.

House 6House 6

10. Seed Cathedral

Part of the 2010 Shanghai Expo, the Seed Cathedral is comprised of 60,000 acrylic rods. This explains the puffy look of the creation. And now for its name: each rod contains a plant seed at the inner tip. So Thomas Heatherwick’s ‘cathedral’ is more than a marvelous piece of architecture, it is also a seed bank.

Seed CathedralSeed CathedralSeed Cathedral[source]