Ten Awesome Handmade Items

Splinter Hand-Made Wooden Car

There was a time when humans made everything by hand. But as time passed, we got smarter and we started to invent more and more sophisticated tools and machines that could make stuff for us. We soon found ourselves surrounded by all sorts of things that didn’t even bear human fingerprints when they came out of the factories, because there was no human hand to help build them. Today specialized machines and advanced robots do so many things for us, that whenever we see a hand-made object it’s like we see a piece of art. And in a sense that’s exactly what “hand-made” is. Here is a list of some really inspiring creations that beautifully merge artistry with functionality.

1. Corbis Readymech CamerasCorbis Readymech Cameras – Hand-Made by You

Hand made stuff is always better when you get to make it yourself. But how can a person with no professional training build a real camera? Quite simply, actually. On the Readymech website you can find plans that can be easily printed and then folded into completely functional cameras. Each one with a different intricate design, the pinhole cameras don’t produce the best quality photographs ever, but they sure are fun! See for yourself.

2. MB&F Thunderbolt WristwatchHand-Made MB&F Thunderbolt Watch

Inspired by his passion for airplanes, Burüsser created the striking Thunderbolt Wristwatch, with a progressive design and a unique time display mechanism. Stylish and sophisticated, the timepiece also made it on our list of best luxury watches of 2010.

3. Hand Grenade Oil LampsAuthentic Hand Grenade Oil Lamps

Want to scare your unwelcomed guests away? Try lighting one of these authentic Hand Grenade Oil Lamps in front of them! After having been decommissioned and emptied of their explosive content, the real World War II grenades were transformed into completely safe oil lamps. The idea and execution belongs to artist Piet Houtenbos.

4. Vandeyk BicyclesVANDEYK Contemporary Cycles

A team of talented and passionate specialists joined forces to create a unique and spectacular hand built bike, called the Vandeyk Nightstream. With a 20-year experience in handcrafting bicycles, Georg Blaschke created the advanced frame, leaving the decorating process in the hands of his partners Holger Gruenwald and Harry Seifert. The two artists conceived the design of the paint job and a specialized painter applied it. The final outcome is stunning.

5. Hand Built School in BangladeshArchitecturally Stunning Hand-built School in Bangladesh

Usually students are proud to learn at a certain school because of the fame of that particular institution. But for some kids in Bangladesh, the reason for their pride is a little different: they can actually say that they built their school with their own hands. The project idea belongs to architects Eike Roswag and Anna Aeringer. They worked together with the school’s teachers, students and parents to bring the dream to life in just four months. Quite obviously, local craftsmen were also involved in the building process.

6. Kiki De Montparnasse Chess SetKiki De Montparnasse Hand-Made Chess Set

Chess can be a quite challenging game, so a little relaxation after an intense battle over the king is always a good idea. Especially when you have a chess set like this one. The Kiki De Montparnasse Chess Set is not only very modern in design (both the board and the pieces), but it’s actually also very…functional. The pieces are specially designed to also be used as love instruments in intimate plays with you chess partner.

7. Misha Handmade WallpaperMisha Handmade Wallpaper

There are many ways to bring a plus of charm to your home and the Misha Wallpapers is one of them. Each of the seemingly usual rolls is hand painted by artists who transformed the wallpapers into lovely canvases, bearing precious works of art. You can even custom order a particular pattern and thus further personalize your favorite room.

8. Leatherman Argentum Multi-ToolsLeatherman Argentum Collection Hand-Made Multi-Tools

It’s a known fact that hand-made objects are more expensive than machine-built ones. A perfect example is the Leatherman Argentum collection of multi-tools, created as a celebration of Leatherman’s 25th anniversary. They are very special hand-carved versions of the manufacturer’s most popular tools, made of precious metals and costing up to $40,000 apiece.

9. Level 11Wooden ComputerLevel 11 Hand-Made Wooden Computer

Jeffrey Stephenson created a very unusual computer: the Level 11 hand-made wooden computer that actually works. If you put it in your office, people will not even realize what this wooden sculpture really is, but that will not make it any less functional. With 2GB of RAM and a 1.2gHZ processor with a 160GB SSD drive, this wooden computer is just as gook as most desktop PCs.

10. Splinter Wooden CarSplinter Hand-Made Wooden Car

If a perfectly functional wooden computer doesn’t sound too impressive, then maybe this gorgeous wooden car will cause your eyebrows to rise. Created by Joe Harmon, this beautiful sports car boasts a very carbon-fiber-like wooden body (only brown), a wooden frame and many wooden interior components. Basically, everything that could be made of wood was really made of this natural material. The Splinter is a truly outstanding creation!