TAG Heuer Unveils the Racer Android Smartphone

TAG Heuer Racer is the company’s second edition of Android luxury smartphones, and it’s inspired by the powerful, stylish and strong GT racing vehicles. Featuring the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS, the gadget will set you back €2,800 (approx. $3,650).

Matching the price and its high-tech software is its sporty, masculine design, that includes a carbon fiber plate, fixed on the back of the handset with six titanium bolts. The Racer features a 3D user interface that ensures absolute precision. The piece is a breakthrough in Swiss communication instrument and it even bears the inscription “Avant-Garde Communication”.

Interested customers will only have the possibility to purchase the Racer starting this summer, in July. Even though there is no more information on the luxe smartphone right now, we are pretty sure that it boasts some very special features, aside from those that we have already mentioned. Our assumption is based non the phone’s price, of course.

TAG Heuer Unveils the Racer Android Smartphone

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