Switzer Performance Upgrades the Nissan GT-R

Dubbed the Switzer R1K-X GT-R Red Katana, this gorgeous Nissan is the work of Switzer Performance, who turned an ordinary GT-R into an extraordinary supercar, capable of doing the quarter mile in only 8.97 seconds!

With a new aerodynamic body kit, a huge VR38 Nissan engine built and enhanced by Switzer, and an SS90 exhaust system, this vehicle is faster and more attractive than ever. Interestingly enough, even though the car is considerably faster than the original version, it is not lighter as well. On the contrary, it is actually approximately 300 pounds heavier, mainly due to some really awesome interior upgrades.

Under the hood, the car holds a 1,400 horsepower engine with reinforced pistons and rods, new camshafts, PKG cooling, and a Switzer-tuned Syvecs standalone ECU. The body kit includes several changes, such as a rear decklid spoiler and a front splitter, while the interior boasts Alcantara leather trims and a top-notch sound system among other stuff.

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