Swisstek and Brillier New Luxury Watch Collections

Swisstek, a distinguished brand of luxury Swiss-made watches founded in 1996, and Briller, the latest brand from Swisstek design house, have recently launched their new collections. For a lively, colorful spring, they propose dazzling timepieces featuring eye-catching straps in vibrant colors and exotic textures.

Papillion by Brillier, Purus by Swisstek and Serpentine by Swisstek are the three new collections that we are happy to present to you today. They all feature precious elements and delicate details and will give a plus of elegance and glamour to your office or tropical getaway outfits.

The Purus watch in the picture, featuring vintage cues and 142 natural pink diamonds, is a lovely accessory for an elegant lady. The crocodile leather strap goes perfectly with the colored diamonds for an overall dashing look. It is priced at $4,495.

Purus By Swisstek

Serpentine by Swisstek is another precious accessory that is clearly much more than a timepiece. Its snake-like decoration on the mother-of-pearl delicate dial features 94 natural green emeralds which perfectly match the green aquatic leather strap. Rose gold completes the glamorous image of this $1,295 watch.

Serpentine By Swisstek

Papillion is a collection of luxury watches inspired by butterflies. Decorated with 180 white diamonds and featuring rose gold and a satin leather strap, the watch in the picture is available for $995. The collection boasts a lively selection of colored straps, from iridescent blue to bright pink an orchid.

Papillon By Brillier

Celebrating spring is easy with these dashing timepieces from Brillier and Swisstek.

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