Swarovski StuddedCrystal Myriad Stallion Lightning Figurine

Created by designer Martin Zendron, this remarkable lighting figurine is a limited edition piece for exclusivity hunters. It boasts a whopping 39,600 Swarovski crystals in different colors – Mocca, Copper, Jet, and Smoked Topaz –each one carefully set by hand!

Named Crystal Myriad Stallion Lightning Figurine, it is an excellent living room or office decoration. Its base is black China granite and it is limited to only 300 examples. Measuring5 7/8 x 11 6/8 x 14 5/8 inches, it makes a strong luxury statement that also represents freedom, strength and nobility. Each piece is priced at $14,000, so interested customers can check its availability on Swarovski’s official website.