Swarovski Corset Created for Triumph’s 125th Anniversary

It all started in 1889, when two families, Spiesshofer and Braun, started a new corsetry business in a barn in Heubach, Germany. They called it Triumph and had a staff of only 6. Today the brand is known worldwide and it has over 40,000 staff in 120 de countries. To celebrate these past 125 years of success, the underwear manufacturer created a dazzling black corset decorated with thousands Swarovski crystals and presented it as the finale piece at the Triumph Passage of Dreams show in Singapore.

The event took place at the Audi Fashion Festival 2011 and it presented some really gorgeous pieces, including a corset embellished with all sorts of sweets: gummy bears, marshmallows and other delicious candy. Triumph also showed some of its historical creations from as early as 1890.

Swarovski Corset Created for Triumph’s 125th Anniversary 

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