Surprising Cocktail Menu at Hurricane Club

Surprising Cocktail Menu at Hurricane Club 5

How about a cocktail night out with your friends? If that sounds good to you, then here is a tip: go to New York’s recently opened . Their cocktail menu is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Ok, so you might have seen some of them, but the menu still remains original and in many cases really surprising.

The menu creator is talented Richard Leach, who graduated the Culinary institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. He has been a great pastry for two decades, and is now also the cocktail department director at the restaurant. His creativity is amazing and you can admire it in every original cocktail he makes.

As we implied before, some of the beverages served at Hurricane Club are actually well known, as the club also serves traditional cocktails, but if you want to make your night really special, you have to try some of the more exotic recipes Leach proposes.

His drinks are numbered and not named, so when you hear someone ask for a #77, know that they are talking about an exotic tiki-inspired drink, a mixture of Monte Cristo Spiced rum, passion fruit, coconut and cardamom, in this particular case. Curious to learn more about some other numbers? We don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, so we’ll only tell you about a few more, just enough to stir your appetite.

#73 contains Knob Creek bourbon, jicama and cayenne pepper, fresh lime juice, and it is served in a pepper shell. The spicy cocktail is only $14.

For #450, Leach uses Nigori saki, lemongrass, raspberries and mango. This one is perfect for a friend’s night out, as it is an oversized cocktail that comes with several straws, for you and a few others. It costs $47.

Also shared cocktails are the $59 #410 (Ketel One vodka, rhubarb, fresh lime and mint), and the $46 #440 (Monte Cristo spiced rum, kiwi, ginger and pineapple). The latter comes in a scorpion bowl and has a flaming shot of Bacardi 151 at the center.

The shared cocktails are large enough to “hydrate” 5 to 8 people and they come in melons, pumpkins or bowls. Anyway, regardless of the cocktail choice you make here, you can be sure that the night will be a great one, and spent in a special ambience too.